Ice Court:

IceCourt MultiSport is a solid top tile surface suitable for gymnastics, ball sports and roller sports. With five injection points, our MultiSport floor will remain flat; it will not cup at the corners after a few months. This is imperative, so the ball bounces the same way at every point of the tile and does not die at the suspended ridges. A sports floor must be solid, like an outdoor basketball court, a wooden dance floor or an ice hockey rink. Our MultiSport tile floor was designed to have the same rigid feel as an expensive wooden floor. The panels click together without any gaps or seams to catch on when sliding during volleyball. IceCourt floors look like a sheet of ice. Individual tiles can be replaced in a minute.

The precise and tight connections of tiles make it perfect for basketball, volleyball, soccer, lacrosse, inline hockey and gymnastics. It’s an esthetical surface, hardly recognizable as being a tile floor. The special designed, tiny surface profile helps maintain a positive grip at all times, even when damp. It also reduces the visibility of scratch and skid marks for a long lasting beautiful look.

Small, patented slits in the surface are designed to prevent mold and mildew. The shape and size of these slits keep spilt fluids from seeping through. However during cleaning, when a heavy scrubbing machine passes over the floor, the compressed and expanding rubber underlayment may suck up cleaning fluids. The open structure underneath our tiles and the slits induce airflow, enabling fluids to evaporate, preventing the creation of mildew. The slits also dampen the drum effect of a solid top, reducing noise.
Several sport organizations, including Special Olympics have chosen our MultiSport floor as their official surface.