Ashphalt Tennis Court
Asphalt tennis courts are very popular among our customers for a variety of reasons. The most compelling advantage of an asphalt tennis court is that it requires little or no maintenance on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. This makes asphalt tennis courts very popular with private homeowners, apartments/condominiums, schools and municipalities. DesignTech specializes in asphalt court construction and resurfacing and has a long list of satisfied customers ranging from Estee Lauder's Residence to top seated players. A hard court is one made of asphalt or concrete, usually covered with an acrylic coating. The coating protects the court from the elements, enhances its appearance, and affects the playing characteristics of the court. Generally, a hard court yields what is known as a 'fast' game, meaning that a tennis ball bounces off the court surface at a low angle. The speed and angle of the tennis ball coming off a bounce are determined by the power and spin of the hit and are relatively unaffected by the surface of the court. This speed, however, can be adjusted depending on the amount, type and size of sand used in the color coating. "Slow" playing, textured surfaces are available. Properly installed, hard courts are generally considered to be durable and to require relatively low maintenance.

Tennis Court Layout